The above quote was asked to me within our discord for Squadrons — here are my thoughts!

Squadrons, simply put, is a concept in motion. For a moment, think upon all the projects that will, have been, and currently are released. The blockchain, for all its innovation and technological capacity — are derivatives of one thing or another. There is the rise and fall of forks, derivative art, copy-cat projects, and so on.

You get the idea, I am sure.

Where are the unique moments of original creativity? Where is the innovation happening? In my opinion, it is here at Squadrons.

This theory of mine, being Squadrons is amongst the few projects being innovative, can be backed up by a few important things such as:

1) Squadrons intends to be a successful NFT launch with it’s constituent parts — such as a game, lore, and a universe to pair along with it. The previous doesn’t make it unique, but this is important because they are taking the time to develop an entirely fleshed out Metaverse project to be utilized as a “proof-of-concept” for their DAO platform.

2) The fact that the development team is taking the time to launch, manage, and execute upon a “proof-of-concept” for their DAO, called WePlex, is a testament to their tenacity. It is unique that this dev team commits to putting “time on task” to the entire scope of their project. Beyond this, they are an active part of the community and are clearly dedicated to creating an infrastructure of success and longevity for their respective projects. On top of this, the dev team is credentialed and open to showing who there are — which is an immense boon to the community, as they have a high degree transparency for their operations.

3) Beyond proving their concept that WePlex “will work”, is that WePlex itself aims to be a “foundational software suite” The WePlex suite will function as an entire ecosystem for developers and artists alike, to launch their own DAO driven projects. What other projects are aiming to heights beyond gamification of their NFTS? Beyond that, how many of them have bonafide developers and artist? Not a lot. You can find all of that here.



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